The Roadless Travel

Often times songs come to me in the form of a "nag" or a dream. Either a melody persists on asserting its presence in the midst of my daily routine, or a phrase captures my attention, compelling me to write it out, to then find there were further elaborations on the phrase lurking beneath the surface. Its mostly a circular process - not at all linear: from poem/lyric to paper to melody to piano to harmonies/chords to rhythm. Each component is a rhythm of its own. Such is the process with "The Roadless Travel". I like to say that all of my songs write themselves; I am just the channel/messenger.

THE ROADLESS TRAVEL - lyrics/composition: Goussy Célestin

A road less traveled The path to internal delusion As I fly into my mind's confusion To tear down the wall of Ego's illusion

Set sail my heart on butterfly wings Forge a light, new yet old Ah, sweet memory

Don't force, just flow cause down deep you know The roadless travel

Though you know deep inside There are treasures to find You wonder, "is it safe to go?" The fear takes a hold and discredits your soul as the home of all there is to know.

I can let my mind perform its trickery Or just finally let it go and simply be No more time to waste Yet, stay patient In no time I'll finally reach

The road less traveled The path to eternal light Sing heart take flight Let love lead right (to) The roadless travel..

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